While the burners are away, the locals will play!!!

We’re coming upon one of my favorite times each year to be in San Francisco and the Bay Area…Burning Man season! Let me backup a bit…As a global destination for people of all kinds, San Francisco is notoriously busy. The streets are backed up with traffic; you wait in long lines to get into restaurants if you didn’t have the sense to make a reservation 2 months before; you circle forever to find parking… While it keeps the city full of energy, it can also be a pain! 

BUT…there are a few times a year when the masses LEAVE and the city frees up – and, that time is coming up!  Of the 80,000 people that go to Burning Man each year, I’d wager that a good half are from the Bay Area. And, the majority of them are the same people that tend to go out to restaurants / bars in the city. This then creates this magical 10 day period where they all go to the desert, and I get to play in the place I love! I once heard someone else who loves to stay in SF refer to this magical moment as “Brunching Man” because you can eat all the brunches you want without having to wait in a 2 hour line! Classic! 

With that said…here’s all the things I love doing during this break: 

Going out to eat at places that have long lines. Think Zazies or grabbing a fresh croissant from Ariscault on a Sunday morning

Do a day trip to Stinson Beach, Point Reyes, or Napa. Wake up, go for a hike at Mt Tam / Rodeo Beach, stop at the Natural Food Store at Tam Junction, head out to Stinson Beach  for the day (don’t forget sunscreen, wine, and plastic cups!). End by hitting up Marshall Store for some of the best Rockefeller oysters you will ever have. 

Exploring parts of the city where parking is a total pain! Like grabbing a burrito at La Taqueria, because I typically only go when the line is short and I can park! (Read: never)

Hit up your favorite museums, like the San Francisco Modern Art Museum.

Walk aimlessly around the Saturday Farmer’s Market at the Ferry building. It’s usually packed, but not as much during “Brunching Man.” Grab homemade pasta, and some local veggies, and cook up a scrumptious dinner. I particularly love making Ricotta-stuffed squash blossoms

Get into that 6pm yoga class that I always forget to sign up for ahead of time. Namaste!

Like I mentioned before, I absolutely love the energy that a full city brings, but I have to admit that it is nice to relax here a few times a year and really enjoy the city without much planning. 

What are your favorite things to do while Burners are away?!


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