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Cynthia Kellogg

I work for AWESOME people and FABULOUS houses. And these things bring me all over California.

I’m excellent at what I do – and my numbers/stats speak for themselves – but at the end of the day what matters to me most is my relationships. With my clients, with my vendors, with my communities. So here’s a bit about me to get us started off on the right foot…

Getting Personal...

I got an MBA and then moved back to California and worked at super early stage startups for the next 10 years. Spoiler alert (!!!) None of them got acquired. Lol. But my last job in the startup world was to work with architects, customers, designers, contractors, building department, to re-imagine and then build spaces that allowed for robots (yes, you read that right!) and humans to work together to get dirty jobs done. All I could think about was working more with customers and spaces as robots are notoriously fickle co-workers. And robots are insanely expensive to build so when the company failed to raise their Series A fund, I got the boot, along with others. It was the “kick in the pants” that I needed.

I had already gotten my real estate license but had been sitting on it for a few years…the industry is pretty archaic and conservative and I was very worried I wouldn’t be able to find a place to work that matched my personal values. But I needed to work, so I applied for and got a job at Redfin (the most innovative company I could find at the time) and worked with literally hundreds of clients all over the Bay Area.

Working at Redfin was like drinking from a real estate firehose. I got so much exposure in such a short amount of time and I met so many key players in the Bay Area market, including Blakely Hull.

Hands on Service Meets Thoughtful Innovation

At the end of the day, we are service professionals, and our #1 goal is always to make EACH client so happy that he/she wants to refer us to all of their friends and family. In fact, ALL of our business comes through referrals and friends. To ensure this is ALWAYS the case, I have built a truly world-class team that is here for everything you need. This team is behind EVERY transaction to ensure that YOU not only get absolutely incredible results but that you also get the protection you need and deserve!

Blakely Hull - Real Estate Partner

Meeting Blakely – my now real estate partner – was like meeting another Kindred Spirit (in the words of Anne of Green Gables). Also from a tech startup background, she was not interested in being like “every other” agent. She wanted to be different. When I asked her what brokerage she worked with, her answer to me was, “It’s a new innovative one – you probably haven’t heard of it.” I was HOOKED.

Abe Matar - Broker of Record

Abe has a depth of market knowledge unlike anyone else. He offers strategic guidance and infectious enthusiasm to our team and clients. Like many of us, he started his career in tech, working as an electrical engineer for companies like Apple, AT&T, Compression Labs, and more. For the last 20+ years, he has focused on real estate development, building extensive experience negotiating, managing aspects of real estate law, and getting creative to put together deals of all sizes. He is an invaluable wealth of knowledge that we are proud to have at our fingertips.

Gianni Lyle - VP Marketing

Gianni is our man of all talents. He is a seasoned marketing expert who has had a long and successful marketing career and has a true knack for managing every tiny detail. He works behind the scenes with us to build ‘out of the box’ marketing campaigns for all of our listings, to creatively and strategically get our marketing efforts in front of the right people, and everything else under the sun to make sure our team and clients are incredibly successful!

Jennifer Kuschner - VP Transactions

You cannot believe how much ‘paperwork’ there is for every home bought or sold. But, never fear! Jennifer ensures every “I” is dotted and “T” is crossed so that each deal is incredibly smooth. Not to mention, this level of detail is critical to protecting each and every one of our clients. We have no idea how Jennifer manages everything that she does, but we are lucky to have a bad-a$$ mother who can truly balance it all!

Reese De La Cruz - Assistant

This team wouldn’t operate without the one-and-only, Reese De La Cruz, our wonderful assistant. Reese keeps up very organized, keeps paperwork in check, supports our ongoing and robust marketing efforts for all of our listings, and so, so much more. She is thoughtful, smart, creative, and an incredible team player. And, she’s absolutely embracing this new world of AI, constantly finding more ways to strategically incorporate it into our workflows!

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